Franck MEDINA was born on March 11th 1974 in a quite modest family. His paternal grandfather was born near Oran and was a brave soldier of the famous Battles of Monte Cassino and Germersheim. His maternal grandfather that he never knew was graded in the French Air Force and has been decorated five times during his career.

Franck has his origins in the French regions of Lorraine, Alsace, Ardèche, Burgundy, Picardy, Champagne. He also has Andalusian, Basque, Aragonese, Gypsy, Ligurian, Tuscan, Sicilian, Calabrian, Scottish, British, Scandinavian, Germanic, Croatian, Hungarian, Finnish, Polish, Egyptian and Sephardic roots... The most distant of them were determined using modern technology and science and it is surprising to see that, instinctively, Franck has sung for years in languages that correspond exactly to the countries or regions where his origins are located, including the oldest ones.

His Spanish name means State in Hebrew and town in Arabic.
A whole symbol !

Franck lived successively with his great grandmother who raised him until the age of 6 and inculcated the sense of human and moral values to him, and afterwards with his grandmother when he was a teenager.

Franck always liked to sing. At 5 years, his father records him on a simple cassette. At 7 years, he practise already in front of his mirror, then at 14 years, he writes the lyrics of his first songs. He records a first sample in 1991 and a first own-produced album in 1995, after very hard times. The album is diffused in Burgundy and a little in Rhone-Alps area. The repercussions are quite limited. Franck's ballades are not "à la mode". But he's not discouraged. His motto is since always : Patience and silence. Of humble and reserved nature, he likes to make speak about him only when it is really useful and necessary. Thus he continues still today to fight discreetly to always achieve his goal and to go to the end of his dreams.

Impassioned by the traditions and cultures of the four world corners, Franck knows eight alphabets and speaks several languages : French, Spanish, English and German. He has thorough knowledge in Italian, Portuguese, Greek and Hebrew. He currently sings in twenty-two languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Icelandic, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Finnish, Latvian, Dutch, Japanese, Luxemburgish, Latin) and already performed in France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Germany, in the United States and Japan. He carried out several CD and cassettes between 1991 and 2013. Lastly, he worked a certain time to the Opera house of Dijon.

From now on, Franck is committed more than ever in good causes like the abolition of death penalty, in general and especially in the United States, the protection and respect of nature and animal life, the assistance to the most destitued people, the respect for children, for women, for sick, weak and old people.